Propagating our syngonium three kings

After our first successful propagation of our syngonium podophyllum three kings, the mother plant exploded in growth and it is time to trim and propagate another plant.

We are cutting it back as it is out-growing this current pot and we are not planning to give it another upgrade so quickly.

Note: The new growth has curled up leaves and we suspect its getting too much light and we are giving it too little fertilizer.

Choosing a good place to cut

We cut the plant just below a node where there are some aerial roots growing. Technically, each of these nodes could grow a new plant but we are just going to cut once to improve our chances of it surviving. We cut at a 45 degrees angle. This prevents the wound from trapping water and rotting. The newly propagated plant also has more surface area to absorb water. Kind of like how we would cut flower stalks before putting them in a vase.

Me pointing at where I’m planning to cut
Zooming in

Potting our newly cut syngonium

We chose to use a premix from a local nursery that contains peat moss, rice husks and burnt earth. It is fast draining and has lots of air pockets to allow the roots to breathe. We also added a stick so that the plant has something to hold on to as it grows. We placed the propagated plant at at a shaded spot for it to recover. From our experience, it will take around three weeks before we see new growth.

Before potting
After potting

The mother plant

We are happy with the result after trimming. It looks less messy and more bushy. The sun path is moving and this plant is getting more sunlight. We probably need to move it somewhere else soon. With a few more three kings as back-ups, we can start to experiment and see what we can learn from this plant.

Side note: in case you’re not a reader – we did a video of how we propagated our syngonium directly in soil. Enjoy!

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