Update on our dormant caladiums

In a previous post about dormant caladiums, we showed how we deal with our caladiums that have gone limp. In this post, we’ll show you an update of the caladiums that we re-planted.

We left the bulbs out dry in for two weeks and pot them into our caladium mix (house plant mix with significantly more peat moss). Thanks to the warm weather here in Singapore, in about three weeks, the shoots started emerging from the surface of the soil.

Here are some photos of the plants in October 2020.

Caladium ‘Miss Muffet’

Caladium Miss Muffet Bulb

This small bulb not bigger than my thumb grew three new leaves in about a month. There is even another leaf growing. The colour, however, doesn’t resemble the original plant. It is likely that we used a too acidic soil that brought out the vibrant pink.

The ‘Miss Muffet’ when we first got it.
The same plant after waking up from dormancy

Caladium unknown Thai hybrid

This other pot had a small offshoot and a few bulbs. The bulb was rotting so we unpotted and treated it with some fungicide before drying it for two weeks. We separated the bulb from the offshoot and they now look totally different.

The leaves are growing in a deformed cup
This looks more similar to the original plant

The ones that grow from the bulbs are turning into cups that doesn’t look like they will flatten out into normal leaves. It has also mini “earlobes” that grows slightly below the main leaf. Interesting but also slightly concerning. It could be the fungus that we found previously mutating the leaves. Hopefully they will out grow it in the months to come.

Weird cup-shaped leaf with an extra ear lobe on the same main stem.

Update as of 18/02/2021

The Miss Muffet that we planted above has really been thriving after it came out of dormancy. Here is the latest photo. You can see the leaves are a little greener now compared to the first few leaves.

Caladium Miss Muffet com

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