Gardening is an endless journey.

Join us as we document our gardening experiments, failures and successes.

Grow together with us! 🙂

Gardening Basics

The seemingly simple but actually complex stuff about gardening.

(Soil mix? Humidity? Light conditions?)

Plant Guides

For the nerds, gardening resources organised by family/genus/species.

(Yes, cacti are a type of succulent.)

Our Diary

The boring, but occasionally strange, details of what we do whilst gardening.

(Grafting a cactus on itself?!)

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Fresh from our garden

Who Are We?

We are a couple who discovered our mutual love for plants when we moved in together in 2018. Since then, we have amassed a collection of almost 200 plants; from cacti, succulents, aroids to edibles. Well excluding seedlings, grafts and propagated plants because those don’t count, right?!  

It has been an amazing journey of learning, experimentation and growth. Let’s learn from our past mistakes and celebrate our successes together. Welcome to our plant diary!

Jiamin (left) and Javier (right)

About Us

Hi there fellow gardener! Want to find out more about us?

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