Our Plant Diary

A day in the life of a plant crazhobbyist. From the feathery friends who visit our balcony-garden three times a day to “plant-kensteins” created from our experiments. Join us as we stumble and fumble in our plant journey.

Caring for an anthurium hookeri hybrid

Caring for Anthurium Hookeri (Birdnest Anthurium)

The roots of this Anthurium Hookeri hybrid (Birdnest Anthurium) are exploding out of the pot! We decided to give it a larger home so that hopefully it can continue to grow more leaves.

degrafting cactus

Degrafting a lophophora part 2

This is an update to our previous post on degrafting a lophophora seedling. We also started a few more degrafting projects and shared some thoughts on rootstock choices.

Update on our dormant caladiums

In a previous post, we showed how we dealt with caladiums that are dormant. Now we’ll show you an update of the caladiums that we re-planted.

Splitting a root bound pothos

Splitting a root bound pothos manjula

Our pothos manjula wasn’t doing well and we decided to check out how it is doing in its current pot and give it a new one to house its roots.


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