Succulent & Foliage Guides

Here are some tried-and-tested tips on how to grow your succulents, cacti and foliage plants. Some of these are what we’ve experienced, whilst some are what we have found through speaking with fellow enthusiasts and reading up online. 🙂

cat with plants

Are Philodendron Birkins safe for pets?

Philodendrons are not safe for pets. But if enough precautions are made beforehand, we believe that it is definitely possible for them to co-exist.

Caring for an anthurium hookeri hybrid

Caring for Anthurium Hookeri (Birdnest Anthurium)

The roots of this Anthurium Hookeri hybrid (Birdnest Anthurium) are exploding out of the pot! We decided to give it a larger home so that hopefully it can continue to grow more leaves.


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